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About high volume, big advertising law firms — one writer’s view.

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In the article, “Run of the Mill Justice” Nora Freeman Engstrom of Stanford Law School interviewed lawyers and paralegals at high volume law firms, and analyzed their not-infrequent disciplinary files. Her conclusion is surprising, but logical:  high volume “settlement mill” law firms work because insurance companies, which pay the bills, like them. Insurance companies might be choosing to cooperate with settlement mills, in part because settlement mills appear willing to settle the largest claims — which present


Arizona Insurance — Do you have “Full Coverage”?

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We often hear from our clients that they have “full coverage” insurance. But what does that really mean? Arizona’s current law, A.R.S. § 28-4009, requires drivers have at least $15,000 to cover injuries to an individual, $30,000 to cover injuries to a group of people, and $10,000 for damage to property. This level of coverage became law in Arizona 42 years ago. As others have pointed out, at that time, Richard Nixon was president!  Airbags


Healthcare Update

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You have new rights and protections in the Marketplace starting in 2014. 4 things to know: • You won’t be charged more for health insurance just because you’re a woman. • You can’t be denied coverage or charged more due to pre-existing conditions, like cancer or being pregnant. • You can choose from any primary care provider, OB-GYN, or pediatrician in your health plan’s network without a referral. • You’ll get free preventive care like


What to do about Facebook Posts

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We represent a young woman I’ll call “Gertrude.” Gertrude was injured in a collision a couple of years ago. She had fairly serious low back injuries which caused her pain for well over a year and which still cause occasional pain and discomfort depending on her level of activity. We sued the driver who caused the accident. As is typical, the other driver’s insurance company hired a lawyer to defend the case. The case proceeded


Do I really need a lawyer?

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If you need legal help, understanding your choices and the impact they may have is important. You can often avoid costly and complicated issues if you consult a lawyer before you have a legal problem. A lawyer can evaluate your situation and help determine your next steps and possible solutions. When should I seek professional legal advice? Every legal situation is unique and requires specific legal analysis. In some cases, the wrong decision may cost


Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide

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It’s cold!  But extremely important to keep everyone safe from Carbon Monoxide, which has been called “the silent killer.”    Typically, carbon monoxide is not produced in dense enough levels to harm anyone, but when appliances malfunction, deadly amounts can rapidly accumulate.  Here’s what to do to keep everyone safe: Have your home heating systems (including chimneys and vents) inspected and serviced annually by a trained service technician.  If you rent, ask your landlord to have this


Is Your Pool Safe?

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If you have a pool in your home it is important to take certain measures to ensure your family’s and your guests safety.  Earlier this week, a three year old boy almost drowned and remains in critical condition.  Arizona law requires that “A swimming pool, or other contained body of water that contains water eighteen inches or more in depth at any point and that is wider than eight feet at any point and is intended for swimming, shall


Be Prepared for Sudden Power Outages

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Don’t be stuck without power, be prepared for the worst by following these simple steps from the American Red Cross: 1. Stock up on coolers & ice; Styrofoam coolers are an inexpensive way to be prepared so that your food doesn’t perish in case you lose power. It is also a good idea to keep non-perishable items on hand and a can opener. 2. Have plenty of bottled water; about 1 gallon per person, per


What to Do if You Are Involved in an Accident:

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The most important thing is your health. Call 911, if needed. If necessary, go to the emergency room or follow up with your regular doctor. Even if you are not at fault, you should bill all treatment through your regular health insurance, if you are covered until the responsible party pays in full. In some cases your health insurance may expect to be paid back out of any award or settlement. Pay close attention to


Settling a Property Damage Claim and a Personal Injury Claim Separately

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Q:  I want to settle my property damage claim with the other driver’s insurance company, but do not want to settle my personal injury claim at this time. Is this possible? A:  If you settle for your property damage, but not your injury, because you are still receiving treatment, or for some other reason, you can do this as long as it is clear that you are settling your property damage claim only, and that