Bache & Lynch Makes Roads Safe

It turns out you CAN make a difference in Arizona when it comes to makes roads safer.  Several weeks ago, one of our partners, Frances Lynch, wrote an email to the person at Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) in charge of the maintenance for the area of Oracle Road at Catalina State Park.  That intersection had been a major hazard for bicycles.   As anyone who cycles in Tucson knows, there are many cyclists coming in and out of Catalina State Park.  The light timing setup there was a problem.  Previously, before Frances’ letter, in the direction coming out of Catalina State Park, the light would not change unless a car was present.  In order to cross Oracle, a cyclist needed to cross the oncoming traffic lane (which presented a hazard with cars turning into the park), and go up onto the sidewalk to trigger (by pressing) the pedestrian walk signal.  It was very dangerous.

 Many expressed concern about this intersection, and thanks to Frances’ letter, ADOT adjusted the light sequencing.  Cyclists now have an arrow and can turn left coming out of the park, even when no car is present.

If you see an unsafe road condition, report it!  Make a difference in your community.