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Bad Road Design, Poor Road Maintenance and Construction Zones

Many car accidents and truck accidents involve not only the fault of another driver, but also the condition of the road. In some instances, bad road design or defective road design play an important part in causing the accident.

In other situations, an accident may be caused by the current condition of the road, or by the failure to adequately maintain a road. Contributing factors to a car accident may include potholes in the road, improper placement or lack of proper signage, ineffective traffic control signals (including cross-walk signals), general bad condition of the road, and the lack (or poor condition of) road markings, such as worn center lane stripes.

In other circumstances, an accident may be caused by temporary road conditions. When road maintenance is being performed, it is the responsibility of the company performing the maintenance to ensure the safety of those traveling through the road construction zone. Usually, construction zones include temporary signage (including signs for reduced speed), as well as pylons and cones that may change the flow of traffic. Construction personnel may also be responsible for directing traffic.

Drivers in construction zones can easily become distracted by the presence of equipment and road changes. Their vision may also be blocked, and traffic control may not be done in a safe manner. These and other matters require a thorough investigation for bad road design, poor road maintenance, and unsafe construction zone design and maintenance.

Although roadway design has improved significantly throughout the 19th century and through the present, errors in design and construction may still contribute to motor vehicle accidents.In many ways safer road design can make transportation safer for motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Federal and state transportation guidelines stress the importance of good design that is both safe for road users and sensitive to the surrounding environment.

A safe road environment should:

Who Is Responsible for the Design & Defects of State Roads & Highways?

Local municipalities and state agencies are responsible to maintain and to control tens of thousands of miles under their jurisdiction. Such agencies have a legal responsibility for dangerous and defective conditions that exist on the roadways under their jurisdiction.

What Types of Hazardous Road Design & Defects Cause Automobile Accidents?

Automobile & Motorcycle accidents are often caused by bad roads and defective conditions of state roadways. A number of road design situations that cause automobile accidents, which include but are not limited to the following, may define dangerous & defective roadways:

How We Investigate Defective Road Design, Improper Road Maintenance and Construction Zone Accidents

The role that the road itself may play in an accident is an excellent illustration of how important it is to seek immediate help from experienced attorneys after a car or truck accident. If the accident occurred on a poorly maintained road or a road with a design that doesn’t comply with industry standards, the Tucson attorneys of Bache & Lynch may be able to seek compensation from the government body that owns or repairs the road. Without a speedy investigation and examination by a qualified accident reconstructionist and highway engineer, that opportunity could be lost since evidence often deteriorates or disappears over time.

Similarly, construction zone accidents require immediate investigation. Because the construction zone is temporary, it’s important to document the actual scene of the accident as soon after the accident as possible, as construction cones and pylons and other aspects will be removed as soon as they are no longer needed. By documenting the construction zone as it existed when the accident occurred, we are better able to hold those accountable for the cause of the accident, and to secure compensation for those injured or the families of the deceased.

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