Car Accident InjuryCar Collision Injuries

We represent injury victims and their families, not insurance companies.  Collisions are among the leading causes of injuries in Tucson and southern Arizona. When a car “accident” occurs, the best course of action for those injured is to seek experienced personal injury attorneys to represent them.    (More) 

Truck AccidentSemi-Truck Collisions

Semi truck crashes are different from car crashes in several ways. Semi truck companies and semi truck drivers must comply with road rules that are different, and stricter, than the rules applying to passenger car drivers. There are many regulations that govern the use of a semi truck, including loading requirements and the amount of time that drivers are allowed to operate a semi within certain time periods.   (More)

Dangerous Road ConditionsDangerous Road Conditions

Many car accidents and truck accidents involve not only the fault of another driver, but also the condition of the road. In some instances, bad road design or defective road design play an important part in causing the accident.  In other situations, an accident may be caused in part of by the current condition of the road, or by the failure to adequately maintain a road. (More)

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle & ATV Accidents

At the Tucson personal injury law firm of Bache & Lynch, we can answer all your questions about compensation and legal rights after a motorcycle accident or ATV accident. When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident or ATV accident, you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney or ATV accident lawyer who can thoroughly examine all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.  (More)

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Self-Driving Semis Will Soon Hit the Road, Are You Ready?

It’s easy to think all vehicles operate like cars. But the truth is semis, trucks and buses are much more difficult to maneuver, have massive blind spots, and take far longer to stop. By having awareness and following these tips, simple adjustments can help to keep everyone safe on the roads.