Bicycle Collisions

Cycling is a popular mode of transportation and recreational activity in the Tucson area. At Bache & Lynch, both of our attorneys are avid cyclists. We understand cyclists and the hazards they face. We understand proper riding practices and the laws governing bicycle injuries resulting from auto-bicycle crashes, bicycle collisions, and road hazards. We help bicycle injury victims recover full and fair compensation.  (More)

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians are not necessarily safer in marked crosswalks than in unmarked crosswalks, according to a study by the Federal Highway Safety Administration. What’s more, pedestrian accident rates are higher in marked crosswalks on multi-lane roads with high traffic volume.  Those injured in Tucson from being hit by a car or other vehicle need an injury attorney to represent them to ensure that proper compensation is paid.  (More)

Injury Help Center

5 Ways to Stay Safe While Cycling

As you would expect, in an accident involving a car and a bicycle, the cyclist is much more likely to be seriously injured. As a cyclist, you’ll need to be all the more vigilant and cautious to avoid an accident


Play it Safe in Sporting Activities

Go Team! At Bache & Lynch, we love sports and the fall season fun that it brings.  We want our