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Arizona is a popular retirement destination.  Today, nursing home care is an important part of the spectrum of family care in the United States. Many families rely on the service of nursing homes to provide care for their elderly loved ones. When a person places their elderly family member into a nursing home, they expect that they will receive the level of care which is promised. This is why it comes as a shock when one finds out that their loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse. The abuse victims and their families have suffered in ways that no individual in our society should suffer through and are likely entitled to damages. Getting in touch with a lawyer is the first step in finding out about your rights and how you can seek justice.

Nursing Home Abuse | Tucson Personal Injury Law Signs & Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse

It is not always easy to tell when a nursing home resident has become the victim of abuse. They are often emotionally unwilling to report abuse or may be in fear of the repercussions of doing so. The relatives and regular visitors of such an individual should be alert to the following signs of potential abuse:

Ideally, senior citizens should be honored and respected.  Their years of experience make them valuable sources of advice and historical insight.  Unfortunately, however, senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

Bache & Lynch attorneys are strongly committed to helping abuse victims and their families. If your loved one has been abused by nursing home staff or other caretakers, we can help. Call our offices today.

This will not only help your family afford a new and better caretaker for your loved one. It will also bring the injustice he or she has suffered to light, protecting elderly people who may become future victims.

If You Suspect Abuse

If you have reason to think a vulnerable senior citizen is being abused, you have a duty to report this to Adult Protective Services. Their hotline number is 1-877-767-2385.

Once your family member is in a safe place, you may wish to contact a  lawyer who can help you win compensation for medical expenses related to your loved one’s injuries and other lost income related to the abuse. It will also allow your family to see the abusive party face consequences for their actions.

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