Beware, Soccer Moms and Dads!

Did you know that movable soccer goals can fall over and kill or injure children who climb on them or hang from the crossbar. They can also blow over in strong winds. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reports of at least 35 deaths since 1979 resulting from soccer goals falling over. Both homemade and professionally manufactured soccer goals are involved in these incidents. To keep your kids safe and help prevent deaths and injuries associated with soccer goals, follow these safety suggestions:

  • Securely anchor or counter-weight movable soccer goals at all times.
  • Never allow anyone to climb on the soccer net or goal framework.
  • Always instruct soccer players on the safe handling of and potential dangers associated with moveable soccer goals.
  • Use movable soccer goals only on level (flat) fields.
  • Check all connecting hardware before every use. Replace damaged or missing fasteners.
  • Ensure safety labels are clearly visible.
  • Remove nets when goals are not in use.
  • Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage.

Although referees are supposed to check each goal before every game to ensure they are being held down, parents should double check to ensure the goals are firmly in place. If the goals are weighted down with stand bags or stakes, they won’t tip.

Child safety experts also advise parents to talk with their soccer-playing children about the dangers of portable soccer goals. And, they say, the goals should be taken down when they aren’t in use to avoid accidents after the game is over.

A voluntary safety standard for soccer goals and a guide for safer use are available from ASTM International at