Car Fires: More Common Than You Think

Recently, one of our employees witnessed a car fire here in Tucson.  Fortunately, no one was in the vehicle, but car fires can cause significant property damage, serious injuries, and death.  The majority of car fire  begin in the engine compartment – where most of the working parts of the car are. Although there is a firewall between the engine and the passengers in the car, this protective barrier only allows the vehicle’s occupants a little time to escape to safety. The firewall does not stop noxious fumes from injuring those in the car or a subsequent explosion. In fact, the heat of the engine fire itself can spread the fire to the main body of the car. Design flaws that cause fires are more common that you might think – every major car company has recalled one of their vehicles because of the possibility of fire.  It is a good idea to check to find out if your vehicle has been recalled.  Bache & Lynch frequently discusses these recalls on the firm blog.  Any normal car contains around six flammable liquids at any time, including gasoline. In addition, cars are also made of a number of flammable solids, especially in the interior of the car. This may cause the car to catch fire during or after a car accident. In other cases, a fire may be due to a design flaw – and the negligence of the car’s manufacturer. Finally, a car fire may be caused by poor maintenance. If a company car you are using catches fire and causes you injury, your company may be liable if the car was not properly maintained.

If you or a loved one were hurt in an auto accident or car fie, discuss your case with a Tucson personal injury attorney who can evaluate your claim, assess your case, help defend your rights, and answer any legal questions you have concerning your case. A personal injury lawyer can help guide you through the legal processes associated with your case in order to help ensure the best possible outcome so call Bache & Lynch today for a FREE consultation: (520) 293-5300.