Child Passenger Safety Week!

Child Passenger Safety Week is almost here! From September 18th to September 24th Safe Kids Tucson will conduct car seat inspections for families and their kids in the Tucson area. 

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety research shows that if a driver is unbuckled, 70 percent of the time children riding in that vehicle won’t be buckled either!  Seat belts are the most effective safety devices in vehicles today, estimated to save 9,500 lives each year.  If 90 percent of Americans buckle up, we will prevent more than 5,500 deaths and 132,000 injuries annually.

Be sure you and your kids are always buckled up or, if applicable, make sure your child is in a car seat(when shopping for a car seat, be sure the car seat matches your child’s height, weight and age).

Buckle up and be safe out there!

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