Client Information

Bache & Lynch: A Promise to Our Clients

Our Commitments to Clients

We will keep you informed of all significant actions taken in your case. We will send you copies of all significant correspondence, documents, and pleadings we receive, as well as send out. If you have questions at any time about any of these documents or about the general progress of your case, please call us. We can also be reached by e-mail.

We will keep you fully informed of the status of the proceedings as well as our recommended strategies in handling your case.

Our practice is to return your calls on the same day; our promise is to return your calls within twenty-four (24) hours. In turn, we ask that you be available to consult with us on reasonable notice.  Your input and assistance is important.

Client Tips

Please do not discuss your case with anyone other than us, representatives of our law firm, or your doctors.

Please do not write about the facts of your case on a blog or a website like Facebook.  If you have a Facebook or My Space page, we recommend you keep it private as insurance adjusters or investigators may be reviewing it.

Please do not sign anything with respect to your claim until you have checked with us.

Please notify us at once of any change of address, phone number or employment.

Please notify us of the names, addresses and phone numbers of all doctors and other health care providers who treat you, and notify us when you have been released from their care.

Please provide us the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the incident that caused your injury, and everyone who has knowledge of your injury and the effect it has had on your life and activities.

Please cooperate with any and all requests from us or any representatives of this firm.