Cycling in Tucson – What Five Things to do if You’ve Been Hit

Both Bill and I are avid cyclists, and enjoy cycling around Tucson (especially in the foothills area).   We’ve also both competed in the annual Tour de Tucson, one of the major races of its kind in the country.

The cycling community and others in Tucson have helped to make cycling safer through bike paths and other improvements.  However, despite continued improvements, many cyclists in Tucson are severely injured or killed each year.  In some instances, the condition of the road (such as construction, potholes, and unclear markings) are a contributing factor; however, most of the time the major cause of an accident is simple inattention by drivers.

We take cycling injuries seriously, as we know that next victim could be one of us.  We share in the efforts of the Tucson cycling community to make Tucson an even safer place, so that we can all benefit by through the increased recreational benefits, as well as the cycling events that draw others from all over to our community. 

If you’ve been hit and injured while cycling, the following are 5 important items to do:

1.  Seek immediate medical attention, especially if your head has been impacted.

2.  Preserve evidence.  Don’t throw away your bike, even if it’s no longer usable.

3.  Get a list of witnesses and their contact information, if possible

4.  Call the police so that a formal accident report can be prepared.

5.  Contact an attorney as soon as possible.  An attorney will be able to help preserve important evidence and protect your rights.

If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident, call us – we can help.

— Frances Lynch