Health Insurance & Injuries

Health Insurance and Injuries – All Bills Should Be Submitted to Your Health Insurance Carrier

If you are injured in an accident and have health insurance, all of your bills for treatment relating to your injuries, should be submitted to the health insurer for payment. Even if your injuries were caused by someone else’s fault and they are liable to you for your injuries, it is always in your best interest to have your bills paid by your health plan. The bills can either be submitted to the health insurer by you, or directly by the medical providers involved. It is your obligation, and it is in your best interest, to talk directly with each of the medical providers about submitting your bills to your health plan promptly. You will need to provide each of your medical providers with the pertinent information, including name of the health plan, policy number, and other relevant data. Do not assume that health care providers will automatically bill your health plan; it is your responsibility to make sure they do.

Submit Bills to Health Insurance Company Before Submitting to Automobile Insurance Company

Medical payment insurance through your automobile insurance carrier should be used only after your health plan has paid all it will pay with regard to the bills submitted. Do not give those medical providers who might be paid by your health plan, information regarding your medical payment coverage through your auto insurance carrier, until after they have submitted bills to and received a response from your health plan. It is in your best interest to save the medical payment coverage to cover those things the health plan will not cover. At the proper time, it is once again your responsibility to submit claims to the medical payment insurer, or to make sure the medical providers who have not been fully paid by your health plan, do so.