Holiday Shopping Do’s and Dont’s

The holiday shopping season is upon us!  Many shoppers can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season and forgot these important tips:

1.  Planning.  Try to get all of your shopping done in one or two days or avoid the madness altogether and go online.  Many online retailers are offering free shipping.

2.  Dealing with other drivers.  Don’t get caught up in the rush: try to avoid crowded intersections and when in doubt, yield to other drivers by giving them the right of way.

3. Pedestrians.  Mall and shopping center parking lots are filled with pedestrians this time of year.  Drive slowly through parking lots, obey the posted speed limit signs and always yield to pedestrians(they always have the right of way).

4.  Distracted driving.  Driving is dangerous enough, don’t make it worse by texting while driving or playing with your cell phone.  Use hands-free devices when behind the wheel.  Also try to avoid eating while driving, grab a quick bite before you hit the road, as eating and driving distracts us from watching the road.

Have a safe & happy holiday season!

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