MedSpa Injuries – Are MedSpa Treatments Safe?

MedSpa injuries and lawsuits continue to increase throughout the United States.   MedSpa injuries often arise from botox and cosmetic laser procedures that are thought to be “safe” and “low risk” by those undergoing the procedures.

These procedures often take place in “high end” luxury spas. The spas themselves often are inviting and promote relaxation, comfort, and pampered treatment.  In these surroundings, there is nothing to suggest that the treatment itself might be dangerous.  Few of the places in which these treatments are given have the full range of medical equipment normally see in a doctor’s office in which similar treatments are administered.   

Those undergoing the procedures (referred to as “clients” rather than “patients”) are lured into what may prove a false sense of security concerning the safety of the procedure.  Unfortunately, some of these “clients” may become scarred, permanently injured, or disfigured if they are not an appropriate candidate for the procedure, or if the procedure is not administered correctly. 

At Bache and Lynch, I see the terrible consequences and disfigurement caused by negligent procedures.  Women (who make up the large majority of these procedures) may continue to suffer pain long after the procedure has been finished.  

The mental anguish also continues.    Women believe that their beauty has been irreparably damaged.  They are angry, hurt, and feel violated from putting their trust in a spa and spa operators for a procedure that they may have been led to believe was completely safe.  Instead of having their beauty enhanced, they’ve been hurt.

I understand these emotions and the devastating damages and injuries that can result from these procedures.  I fight for women who have been hurt, and seek justice and compensation for their injuries.

If you’ve been hurt from a MedSpa procedure, call me – I can help.

— Frances Lynch