Protect Your Pets This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and many people are going to be lighting fireworks in celebration.  While you might enjoy the festivities, your dog may be frightened by all the noise.  Here are some tips from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona(HSSA) on keeping your pets safe:

1. Keep all pets indoors and make sure they are equipped with a well-fitting collar and up-to-date ID tag.
2. Don’t tie out a pet in the yard to keep it from escaping. Not only is it illegal in Pima County; your pet can injure itself while trying to escape or fall victim to desert predators.
3.  Implant a microchip.  This will provide a permanent way to reunite you with your pet should he or she become lost.  The simple procedure is quick and easy, and is available at HSSA for just $20. No appointment is necessary.
4.  Keep your pet in a separate room during the evening. Provide water, toys, a comfortable bed and litter for cats. Leave the TV or radio on to block out frightening noises.  This will also help reduce your pet’s stress.

If your pet does escape or you find a stray pet, call HSSA Lost and Found Department at (520) 327-6088, ext. 111, or Pima Animal Care Center at (520) 243-5900.

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