Recovering Lost Income After an Accident

Q:  I have been out of work since the accident; can I recover my lost income?

A:  In a personal injury claim, lost income, or lost time from work, are things you may be compensated for. This is true even if you have been paid by your employer. This also true in a self-employment situation, although it may be more difficult to prove with certainty the amount you have lost. In those situations, the income loss may be proven by establishing your history of earnings before and after the injury through earnings and income records, or tax records. If all of your income is not documented or not declared, it may be difficult to recover those undocumented losses. However, we will use whatever methods are at our disposal to prove our clients’ legitimate income losses, or their loss of opportunity to earn income. If you are likely to have future income losses, those losses may also be recovered as part of your legal damages. Once again, proof  of such losses is the key, and we work hard to pull together all available proof of present and future income losses for the insurance company or court.