Time to Celebrate!

As this Memorial Day weekend approaches, we are reminded of our freedoms, and of the fallen heroes that have given us cause to celebrate. This is also a weekend following graduations. It is definitely a time to commemorate our accomplishments. But precautions should be made before going out to celebrate.

According to the 2010 Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), Arizona is ranked #9 in the country for total traffic deaths related to DUIs (with 1 being the lowest percentage). Driving while intoxicated is illegal, and is extremely dangerous. It is also completely avoidable. Designate a sober driver, or make arrangements for alternate transportation (taxi cab, bus, etc.). Discount Cab provides a Free Ride Back Program, which gives drivers a free ride back to their car the next day after paying for a cab ride home. U of A also aids in assisting with transportation. Safe Ride provides free rides to students, faculty, and their guests in the evening and nighttime hours.

If the party is at a home, be cognizant of dangers around pools and spas. The ways to avoid an injury or death include adult supervision, barriers around pools, spas and hot tubs, and swim lessons and life saving CPR classes. Safe Kids Tucson is providing free pool and spa safety checks.

Have a fun and safe weekend!