Unfriendly Crosswalks?

We all know to look both ways before the crossing the street.  But sometimes we might need to pay a little more attention to our surroundings.  Right here in Tucson, $14 million was spent to widen a stretch of Tanque Verde road and to put in a new crosswalk at the intersection of Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway, however, the new crosswalk cannot be accessed easily by people in wheelchairs and scooters.  If you know someone who uses a mobility assistance device, please remind them to be careful and to report instances like this to their local officials. 

Drivers: remember to keep scanning the road for pedestrians, they have the right of way and be on alert for construction zones and school zones.  Obey the speed limits at all times.  In Arizona, the speed limit for driving in school zone is 15 mph(even at times when school is not in session), 25 mph for any business or residential area, 55 mph on open highways or city freeways, 65 mph on designated freeways, and 75 mph on rural interstate highways.

Share the road and be safe!

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