Who Caused the Traffic Accident? Maybe the City, County, or State

Another motorist hits your car; perhaps after failing to stop at a stop sign, or while speeding through an intersection.  It’s clear that the accident is completely their fault, right?

Not always.  Often there are factors that contribute to cause an accident in addition to the inattention of the other driver, such as road maintenance and design issues.  Maintenance and design issues can range from untended potholes and other physical aspects of the road itself, to obstructed signage, and improperly designed and constructed intersections.

With most roads, there is usually a governmental entity (such as the city, county, or state) that is responsible for maintenance and safety.  When the responsible governmental entity knows of dangerous conditions and fails to use reasonable care to make them safe, or warn of the danger, they can be held liable for accidents that result. 

In addition to state, county, and city involvement, sometimes there are temporary factors that can lead to accidents, such as the presence of construction crews or equipment that can block the views of other drivers.  Road construction crews and others working on roads also have a duty to operate in a reasonably safe manner so that automobile drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others that may be using the road are not harmed.  This duty includes making sure that signage about reduced speed, lane variations, lane cones, and other traffic control items are properly and clearly placed, and that clear visibility is provided for all road users.

When our firm is hired by traffic accident victims, we look at all the factors potentially contributing to an accident so that all of the responsible parties are held accountable – not just the driver of the other vehicles involved.  We investigate road accidents thoroughly in order to make sure that our clients receive compensation from all parties who caused or contributed to the accident.

If you’ve been injured in a traffic accident, call us – we can help.  We’ll do a thorough accident scene investigation to make sure that all parties responsible are held accountable.