Be Aware of the Risks of Cosmetic Procedures and Drugs Used in Such Procedures

A new style of cosmetic liposuction leaves patients fully awake with only local injections of lidocaine to control their pain at the site where the doctor is suctioning their body fat. This treatment is touted as a way for patients to experience their liposuction fully awake. (Perhaps on the theory that nothing can go wrong while a patient is awake) But there’s no evidence it’s better for patients. It does lower the cost, however, by allowing the doctor to skip the extra expense of having an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist present to keep the patient sedated safely. Such cost bene

MedSpa Injuries – Are MedSpa Treatments Safe?

MedSpa injuries and lawsuits continue to increase throughout the United States.   MedSpa injuries often arise from botox and cosmetic laser procedures that are thought to be "safe" and "low risk" by those undergoing the procedures. These procedures often take place in "high end" luxury spas. The spas themselves often are inviting and promote relaxation, comfort, and pampered treatment.  In these surroundings, there is nothing to suggest that the treatment itself might be dangerous.  Few of the places in which these treatments are given have the full range of medical equipment normally s

Our Commitment to You During This Unprecedented Time

As part of our firm’s effort to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, many of our people are working from remote locations. Our main office is open and documents can still be mailed or dropped off there.  However, for the benefit of those working remotely, we are requesting that all written materials be sent to us electronically, rather than through physical mail and deliveries. Please bear with us during this time. We expect all operations to continue as usual. Thank you, and stay well.